Wisdom of the Fathers (@wisdomofthefathers)

4 days ago

Adam pined on earth, and wept bitterly, and the earth was not pleasing to him. He was heartsick for God, and this was his cry: ‘My soul wearies for the Lord, and I seek Him in tears. How should I not seek Him? When I was with Him my soul was glad and at rest, and the enemy could not come nigh me; But now the spirit of evil has gained power over me, harassing and oppressing my soul, So that I weary for the Lord even unto death, And my spirit strains to God, and there is naught on earth can make me glad, Nor can my soul take comfort in anything, But longs once more to see the Lord, that her hunger may be appeased. I cannot forget Him for a single moment, and my soul languishes for Him, And from the multitude of my afflictions I lift up my voice and cry:’ “Have mercy upon me, O God. Have mercy on Thy fallen creature.” — St. Silouan the Athonite