Ari Papermaster (@ari.papermaster)

2 weeks ago

#Repost @calcalamia with @make_repost ・・・ Step 1️⃣: Know what’s going on. It’s unacceptable how few people are aware of the brutal policy changes that are being enacted against #trans people RIGHT NOW. Step 2️⃣: Put your 💸 where your mouth is. @indyamoore compiled a list of trans shelters in need of funding (thank you!!!! 👸🏽💘 ) and the list they made can be found at the link in my bio for easier click-ability. Step 3️⃣: Continue the conversation. People with privilege, including myself as a passing white trans dude 🧑🏼, have a responsibility to speak up. We need to share this information. The less we speak up against these acts of discrimination that should truly be classified as murder, the more this administration gets away with committing them. Step 4️⃣: Vote. And know that your #vote cannot be separated from your values. Hold others around you to that standard. We create the world we want to see! (Graphics created by my partner, which just goes to show that there’s always a way to show up for justice!! Bring yourself and your talents to the revolution however you see fit!! ) Correction to slide 3: Sisters PGH*