2 weeks ago

Joining in the fun, posting for the fried rice theme this week - golden fried rice with fresh prawns and lots of eggs. Also served with steamed flower crab (from @9sseafood ) and store bought chicken nanban (from @donkisg )! 🍚 ✨ To be honest, I’m not a fan of fried rice until recently. As I don’t really fancy meat in my fried rice, we usually have ours in seafood version. Replaced our usual kanimi chunks with steamed flower crab this time. The flower crab from @9sseafood is so sweet this week. Also love using mixed brown and white rice instead of pure white rice to make this dish healthier! 😋 ✨ Let’s join in the fun with @homemadeloversss and @newmoonsg ! @dorisgoz @healthyin_lovesfood @littlesweetbonsbons .aczh . #hhwcooksfriedrice #homemadelovers #hlfunbake #hlrice #hlfunbake186