Hedy Khoo (@hedchefhedykhoo)

23 hours ago

Hakka Mei Cai Kou Rou. Braised Pork Belly With Preserved Mustard is not an accurate translation of the name of the dish which requires a crazy amount of work!!! Teochew braised pork belly seems a breeze compared to this!! For this Hakka dish, the pork is not exactly braised. Using roast pork belly is not the same as going through the process of blanching, marinating, deep-frying the pork belly and soaking it to achieve the rippled texture of the skin. The pork is then sliced and placed in layers in a bowl, covered in mei cai, doused in a soya sauce and wine concoction, then steamed for two hours. I borrowed the Teochew braise technique of making an oil caramel to prepare the sauce. I used 梅干菜which is pickled mustard that is neither salty nor sweet. Best part is, it does not come covered in sand. The aroma and flavour are amazing. Think fragrant tea and shiso scented umeboshi (Japanese plum ). Going through the entire process of cooking this dish, from start to finish, is torturing but meditative. To me, this is not an everyday dish, given the sheer amount of effort needed! . . . . #meicaikourou #porkbelly #crazyamountofwork #heritagefood #traditionalfood #oldschoolcooking #hakkafood #chinesefood #pickledmustard #preservedvegetables #igsg #igfood #sgfood #straitstimesfood #梅菜扣肉 #梅干菜 #梅干菜烧肉 #古早味 #客家菜 #客家美食 #客家梅菜